In 2015 we developed The Charge Project, with the idea that we could convert the source of the problem, in our solution. This enterprise uses solar panelled commuter boats to charge battery packs. We recognised the desperate need that these families had for affordable, clean energy. So, in partnership with PhD students studying solar technology, we developed an enterprise to supply a sustainable source of electricity.

We launched a pilot scheme in Summer 2017 with our project partner Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK), one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh. They provided us with a commuter boat and employees who helped us with implementation. Solar panels were installed onto the boat, which were used to charge 30 battery packs.

The pilot proved to be a huge success, with all batteries being rented out to members of the community, meeting the energy needs of 30 families. These families no longer needed to use kerosene, saving them money, improving their health, and allowing their children to study in the evenings. The pilot also attracted a waiting list of customers, who wanted access to the product once we’d expanded.

We’re working with the Dhaka Institute of Technology in Bangladesh to ensure high quality product by putting our solar panels into a serious of testings and experiments while Doctors at the New York University of Economics carrying out a social welfare based research on the project.

2 boats
Solar equipped boats operational so far.
150 people a day
Provided with clean energy every day.
Enactus Southampton
University of Southampton
Electronics and Computer Science
Gana Unnayan Kendra
University of Dhaka